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Articles and References


“Movement in Psychoanalysis: illusion, disillusion, hope”, intervention presented at XVII I.F.P.S. International Forum of Psychoanalysis,  Round table for the 50th year celebration of the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (I.F.P.S.) – The Challenge of Psychoanalysis in the XXI Century, from 10th to 13th October 2012, Mexico City – download

“Therapist’s identity and training issues. What future for psychoanalysis?” intervention presented at Interpersonal Psychoanalysis Society of Florence (S.I.P.I.), Florence, 12th January 2013, hold at Combonian friars’ hall, Via G. Aldini, 2, Florence. download

Identity and Aging Process”,  intervention presented at 56th SIGG (Geriathric and Geronthologic Italian society) National Forum “Prepare to live 100 years!”, Florence, Forums Palace, 1st-2nd December 2011 – download locandina evento

“The psychotherapist’s identity today: prospectives in the training”, presented on  13th November 2011 at XIII OPIFER/AAPDP Joint Meeting  2011 “Psychoanalytic training today”  – download – locandina evento

“Psychoanalysis today:  new prospectives of the training”, presented at Circolo Filologico Milanese meeting on 21st May 2011 in Milan – download –    – download locandina evento –   – download depliant evento

“The role of affections in diagnostic and therapeutic work, The personality: as if”, report presented at Genoa’s SIPRe, 8th May 2010 and  published in Ricerca Psicoanalitica review, Year XXII, n.3, 2011: 57-67, Franco Angeli, 2011.

“Division, Dissociation, Integration in the interpersonal Psychoanalysis” report presented on 31st October 2009 at the first A.F.P.I.’s Study Day with the title: “Division, Dissociation, Integration in Clinical’s theories and practice” hold in Florence State Archives Auditorium, Giovane Italia street n° 6   – download –

“Self revelation, self-disclosure and/or disclosure of analythic process”, report presented at A.F.P.I.-I.P.A’s III National Symposium the 11th-12th November 2012 “Interpersonal Psichoanalysis: prospective or model?” hold at the Neurologic and Psychiatric Sciences Department of Florence University  – download –

Anorexy and Bulimy: compared ideas and researches”, report presented at the Round Table at Gradiva’s Institute, 13th December 2008 – download locandina

“Global identity: what future?”, report presented at I.F.P.S. VI FORUM on “globalization and identity loss” , session of the 16th October 2008 published on “Costruzioni Psicoanalitiche”, Year X – n. 19/2010 – download programma

“To be Psychoanalysts Today: the way of professional growth in the IPA-Sullivan’s decade, considerations and proposals”, report presented at the II° Therapysts Clinical Seminar A.F.P.I. on May the 24th and 25th 2008

“Essere psicoanalisti oggi: il percorso di crescita professionale nel decennale dell’IPA-Sullivan. Considerazioni e proposte”, relazione presentata in occasione del II° Seminario Clinico dei Terapeuti A.F.P.I., 24th-25th maggio 2008 – download

The Unformulated Experience”, attendance as discussant for the Italian edition presentation of Donnel B. Stern’s book , 27th October 2007- downloadprogramma

Loiacono, A.M. (2007). Editor and supervisor of the Italian translation of the Donnel Stern’s book: “The Unformulated Experience: from Dissociation to Immagination in Psychoanalysis”. The book was published by Del Cerro’s publishing house in 2007, with the title “L’esperienza non formulata: dalla dissociazione all’immaginazione in psicoanalisi”.

“Perversion”, report presented at the Clinical Seminar with Fabiano Bassi: “Perversions and their crossing with personality disorders” 9th June 2007 – download programma

“Between the need of stability and desire of adventure: love and hate in love relationships”, report presented at OPIFER  III national meeting “A shared happiness, 11th November 2006- downloadprogramma

“The interpretation meaning and the meaning of interpretation”, report presented at the  I.F.P.S. XIV Forum “Interior world and external reality”, session of 26th May 2006 download

“How does unconscious express itself?”, report presented at the seminar day with Jay Greenberg in 28th May 2005 download

The Empathy, report presented at the AFPI Seminar on the Empathy in 2001 download

Psychoanalytic Considerations on Porretta Residential Seminars download

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