Seminars and conferences 2009


Organized and took part in a week of Seminars at New York’s William Alanson, from the 4th to the 9th of May 2009 about the following themes:

Schizophrenia (Kwawer; Zaphiropoulos);

Eating Disorders (J. Petrucelli);

Addiction disorders (J. Brisman);

Clinical of Narcissism (I. Hirsch) ;

Dissociation (P. Bromberg);

Emotions (S. Buechler);

Clinical of Dreams (M. Blechner);

The Depression (J. Bose);

The Sexuality (J. Drescher);

The Adolescence (S. Aronson);

The Trauma (E. Hegeman; R. Gartner);

The Therapeutic alliance (J. Greenberg).


Spokeswoman at the Research Day on “Anorexy and Bulimy: compared ideas and researches”, hold in Florence, at Gradiva’s Institute of Acted Psichoanalysis,  the 23rd May 2009;

Organized and was spokeswoman at III Seminar of the AFPI’s Therapists, about: “The dissociation in the Interpersonal model” , with the report: “The philosophical hermeneutics in H.G.Gadamer’s thought”, took place on the 3rd and 4th October 2009.

Organized and spokeswoman to the first AFPI’s Study Day on  “Division, Dissociation, Integration in Clinical’s theories and practice”, with the report: “The dissociation in the Interpersonal Psychoanalysis”, 31th October 2009, State Archives of Florence.

Organized the seminar with Marianna Bolko on “Theory and Clinic of Dreams”, 14th November 2009, at the AFPI’s headquarters in Florence.