Seminars and conferences 2011


Spokeswoman and chairperson at XVI World Forum of Dynamic Psychiatry, on “The interpersonal dynamics of the identity: Research, pathology and treatment”, hold in Munich, 21st-25th March 2011.

Spokeswoman at XIII Joint Meeting OPIFER/AAPDP 2011 “Psychoanalytic Training Today” with the report: “The psychotherapist’s identity today: prospectives in the training”, Rome, 12th-13th November 2011.

Spokeswoman at 7th COURSE FOR PSYCHOLOGISTS of the 56th National SIGG (Geriathric and Geronthologic Italian society) Forum “Prepare to live 100 years!”, Florence, Forums Palace, 1st-2nd December 2011, with the report: “Identity and Aging Process”.