Seminars and conferences 2013


Conducted the Seminar on “Therapist’s identity and training issues. What future for the psychoanalysis?” hold at Interpersonal Psychoanalysis Society of Florence (S.I.P.I.), Florence, 12th January 2013, Amici street 17, for a total of 3 hour.

Conducted the Seminar on “Comprehension and bond in the psychoanalytic therapy” hold at Interpersonal Psychoanalysis Society of Florence (S.I.P.I.), Florence, 9th March 2013, Amici street 17, for a total of 3 hour.

Spokeswoman at the convention on “The meeting between therapist and patient: Psychotherapy intervention models in comparison”, Pisa, 23rd March 2013.


Spokeswoman at the Round Table on “For an Integrated Theory of sexuality”, with the report: “Against Identity: changing trasformations and anxieties”, Barletta, 14th June 2013.

Main spokeswoman at the Course for medics and psychologist “Know to suffer. Live and share the anxiety in the therapist’s relationship”, in the Seminars cycle of Health’s Psychodynamic Psychology. Polyclinic and Local Clinical Unit of Modena, 26th September 2013.

Main spokeswoman at the Residential Seminar of the Academic Year 2013-2014 of the School of Specialization in Psychotherapy “Il Ruolo Terapeutico di Genova”, on “Interpersonal Psychoanalysis and Clinical Dissociation”, in the 25th,26th and 27th October 2013, Bonassola.


Professor in a 5 hour course for the students of the Institute of Analytic Psychotherapy of Florence on “Clinic and Dream theories: the sexuality in dreams”, Florence, 3rd November 2013.

Discussant at the Round Table on the topic “50 years in Psychoanalysis and surroundings: observations on the new that goes forward”, at the meeting with Pier Francesco Galli, Florence, 7th December 2013.